Tumblr Tuesday: 5 Questions With Magic Cards with Googly Eyes

This Tuesday we take a look at a fun new Tumblr called Magic Cards with Googly Eyes which simply but ingeniously features photos of Magic playing cards with googly eyes (hilarious!). Amanda Casperson, the blog’s author, was nice enough to answer five questions for us. 


1. How exactly did you come up with idea for this?

Well, I play a lot of Magic: The Gathering. There’s a place here in Seattle called Card Kingdom that is the place to be if you’re into gaming (they have Magic cards, D&D and other tabletop supplies, board games, a café/bar, and should hire me), and every Tuesday they host a group called the Lady Planeswalker Society that was founded by my buddy Tifa Meyen. It’s a bunch of women (and the occasional dude or two; we don’t exclude anyone) who get together and play some Magic.

A couple weeks ago, one of the girls, Mercedes Behan, came over to the table while some of us were between games and said, “Who wants some googly eyes?” Apparently she just had a packet of them that she got somewhere. And, obviously, since we had all these Magic cards, it was obvious what to begoogle. Shortly thereafter we were all laughing like maniacs, and I took some pictures on my phone and posted them on my Facebook.

Unlike most random nonsense I post on Facebook, these continued to be hilarious EVERY SINGLE TIME I looked at them. I joked to my sister that I should make a Tumblr for them, because this is exactly the sort of thing one would have a Tumblr full of. And, well, a couple days later I was like, “I guess will just make a Tumblr, it will amuse me at least.”

…And then it ended up amusing basically everyone I know as well as several thousand people I don’t. Including Wil Wheaton. What is this, I don’t even.

2. What’s your favorite card/post on the site?

It is a dead tie between the Timbermaw Larva and the Snake Token. Crack me up every time. Just every actual time.


3. How do you come up with the captions?

It varies! Most of the time it is “What sound is this thing making?” You should hear some of the noises (and see some of the faces) I make when I’m making these, it’s absurd. But sometimes I go with something else, like a new cardname (Prodigal Derpomancer) or an addition to the text of the card itself, like “…Enchanted creature also gets a wicked case of the derps,” because I think it would be great if the card said that. Basically I just put whatever makes me laugh the hardest in conjunction with the image.

Mirri the Derped

4. What powers would you attribute to the eyes?

Googly eyes make everything funnier! I have theorized that it’s because they turn everything into Muppets.

5. Do you have any plans for spin-offs?

Oh, I think this one is enough to keep me busy for awhile. There is one (that I didn’t know about when I started) that is basically the same thing but for Pokémon cards, called Googly Eyed Pokemon. I certainly hope other people make spinoffs though! As noted, googly eyes make everything funnier. Just like Batman.