Tumblr Wednesday: 5 Questions With Unpopular Opinion Rick Perry

Remember that controversial ad that Rick Perry put out last week? Besides disliking it 670,000+ times the Internet also took the opportunity to make a few memes out of, none more popular than Unpopular Opinion Rick Perry, which is run by Kyle and Eric. We emailed Kyle with a few questions for this week’s Tumblr Tuesday Wednesday. 

1. First things first: How did this Tumblr start? Obviously it was inspired by Perry’s infamous ad, but what gave you the idea for the Tumblr?

Well, I had first saw a transcript of the ad and thought that it was a quasi-quote of what he was trying to imply and then I watched the video and found out that was exactly what he was saying and I was honestly left surprised. That took a lot of guts, in my opinion. It was offensive and he has a lot gall to do it, but it still took a lot of guts to just come right out with it. So, in response, I had first made a gif having him calling himself a twat, and I was enjoying putting words in his mouth that I made several more on my personal blog before I realized that I was having so much fun making these that I would just have to make a separate blog dedicated to the whole idea.

2. What do you think of the Internet’s reaction to the Perry ad in general (the insane number of “dislikes” on the YouTube video, the reactions on Facebook, etc.)? Do you think it will make a real difference politically?

I think the internet’s reaction to this video is really telling to what the news on television is showing us and what is actually going on. The people on all of the news channels would make you believe that this is someone we should consider to be the possible next President of the United States of America but then you look to the internet and his video is so vile that it breaks a record for the most disliked video on Youtube. The internet see’s the man for what he is, a joke, anything he says you would not able to take seriously because they are opinions that are so unrealistic to what is really going on out in the world. So if he’s going to treat himself like a joke, I’m going to help him through this blog. Do I think this will make a real difference politically? Probably not.

3. How many of the posts on the Tumblr are/have been by submission/ask? Roughly how many submissions have you gotten? 

A lot of the post have been user suggested. I have a lot of creative people giving me ideas. The first several were thought up by me and some of the ones mixed in with the user suggested were my idea too, but it’s mostly users suggesting them. I’ve been having to limit how many messages I get so I don’t get overwhelmed but I’ve received around 300 messages so far [Ed: by Friday]. If I didn’t disable ask like I do to let myself breathe a little, I’d be a little scared to what the actual number would be.

4. What’s your favorite post thus far?

Looking at the notes, I would have to think that it’s everyone’s but it’s mine especially. The "My pokemon team is all zubats." just makes me chuckle every time. I think about every time I have had to face off against a zubat during the Pokemon games and it just is a laughably awful thing to do to have six zubats on your team.

5. What’s your favorite thing about Rick Perry? 

My favorite thing about Rick Perry has to be the video of him that I assume of him intoxicated at an event because even though some of the things he says in it are wrong (in my opinion), I can’t help but laugh because he’s cracking jokes the whole way and he’s so giddy and at the end when he’s cuddling the bottle of maple syrup, it just kills me.