An Email Exchange Between Christopher Hitchens and Andrew Sullivan Planning Brunch

It started with Andrew Sullivan asking Hitchens to to write a letter to the Immigration Services sponsoring me to finally become a permanent resident of the United States.

Christopher Hitchens emailed:

Safely in the US mail. I managed to say that your faith had allowed you to extend a warm hand to so many of your fellow men, and then remolded that bit to make it sound a touch less close to the heart’s desire.    

Brunch? Sunday? Smooch Hitch

Andrew Sullivan responded:

lol. many many many thanks. an honor. brunch sounds great. we tend not to be conscious till around noon, tho. xx a 

Hitchens replied:

Dearest Andrew I always think of Sunday lunch as beginning at about 2.30 (“a lavish and ruminative feast”, as Waugh says about elevenses). Want to come here?