This is so much bullshit. I debated whether or not to reblog this, because I don’t really want to give it any more notes or attention. But I don’t think people understand what a hot load of misogyny this mock poster is blowing. There is no doubt that privilege gets us everything in life. But there is also no way that HBO is going to give someone a TV show based solely on who their parents are. The channel that does that is E!, ok? It makes me so angry that everyone wants to reduce the hard work and creativity and risks that went into this show to nepotism.

It’s very hard to get an opportunity to portray women as less than glamorous and sexy. It’s very hard to get an opportunity to show female friendships as revolving around more than just dicks. And it’s very hard to find a woman on television with a totally average body. And Girls has all three of these things and that makes me so excited. You know what? I am not a glamorous and sexy person. I spend more of my life fucking it up than I do getting it right. And I am an asshole. I am such an asshole. And it feels so good to see someone completely embrace that. Men have Louis CK and Larry David and I love those guys too, but Lena Dunham touches on a life that I actually live.

From a young age, girls are taught to relate to fictional characters. Girls will extract whatever tiny detail they can recognize from a character in order to sympathize and bond with them. This is how women watch tv and movies and read books. This is how we sit through movies like Wedding Crashers and actually laugh. Because no matter what, we will find that one human thing and cling to it. Let me tell you, it feels absolutely wonderful to not have to search to see something I can recognize. It’s bizarre and amazing to hear the exact words I’ve said before come out of a character’s mouth. 

If you have chosen to dismiss this show outright based on the lives these women were born into, then your ignorance is showing. 

Aaaaand that Nepotism/Girls poster gets the tumblr take-down.

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