A note from Tina Brown (our editor) just hit the ol’ inbox in regards to a fun little rumor that went around this morning which said Newsweek would be going—gasp!—all digital this fall.


Barry Diller would like to make it clear that he did not say on the earnings call as reported that Newsweek is going digital in September.

He made the uncontroversial, industry-wide observation that print is moving in the direction of digital.

Below, in summary, are the points he actually made on the IAC earnings call when he was reporting the tremendous results of the company this quarter.

1. The Newsweek brand is strong, and far stronger than it has been in years.

2. We wouldn’t finance The Daily Beast at anywhere near the level of ‘12.

3. That eventually, over time, digital would replace much of print (hardly a controversial revelation).

4. In September we would be evolving our plan for the year ’13, with many options to choose from.



So there’s that!