Internal Memo: Traffic

Staff email: 

Huge kudos to all for October’s stellar traffic number - 19 million uniques!

The exciting thing about this growth is how many sources it came from across the board, how much it reflects the talents, flair and energy of every single one of you firing on all cylinders, every single day. We were already beating all our records when Sandy hit, but once again, The Beast rose to it brilliantly and has aced the coverage at every turn.

Congratulations to Deidre for her great generalship in organizing storm troops so pre-emotively that we never went down and performed so well. What these numbers show is that The Daily Beast has now become a prime, trusted, mainstream news destination adding devoted users every day.

Now we have won ‘em let’s try and keep ‘em - congrats one and all!

Thanks to all too for making such efforts to keep in touch, show up at Midtown or find ways to get things done with so many difficulties with power, transportation and communications.