Today in Crazy, Census Version

This is just the beginning of the best press release we’ve received at Nwk HQ this week.

The US Census: It comes around every 10 years whether we’re ready or not.

But what makes this Census any different than prior counts?

In a word: Obama.

Some political experts who have studied Obama’s governing style and ideological philosophies (including the Machiavellian creed that the end justifies the means), suspect that the 2010 Census may be the most politically charged censuses in U.S. history.

Considering the fact that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid are willing to use unconstitutional maneuvers in the House to bypass a legal vote on National Healthcare, how much more might they be willing to ‘bend the rules’ to have census numbers fit their political agenda.

A few million extra homeless people, perhaps. Maybe some illegal aliens turning into statistical citizens overnight, etc.

With the slogan of 2010 being, “It’s in Our Hands,” a fair question might be: In whose hands? Just who will the foot soldiers be who will be walking up to your door, asking these questions? You may not want to know.