Abbi lives in an apartment in Greenwich Village. Earlier this year, the U.S. Postal Service delivered a letter that was sent 70 years ago. Like, it was lost in the system. Now, she’s trying to track down the original intended recipient

I was out of town for two weeks in late January-early February, so when I returned, I had a lot of mail.  I hardly ever get real letters— maybe once in awhile from my mom or family, so as I was spreading out the pile, I wasn’t expecting much more than LL Bean catalogues and VALU coupon-packs.  I knew immediately that this was something special.  The coloring of the letter was so dated and the cursive writing is something you don’t see a lot of these days.  I could see the letter was opened already, so I went for it.  I felt like I had won the lottery—who gets sent 69-year-old letters that may have been lost in the mail!? I immediately thought to get in touch with friend Todd who makes documentaries to see if he wanted to collaborate on telling this story and going on this adventure.

We scoured through city records, searched online databases, and made phone calls. We came up very short and kept hitting dead ends.  That’s when Todd suggested we involve ‘radical collaborators’ in the search (which is maybe just a fancy way of saying crowdsourcing).  I said yes and here we are with the site and you.  I am so excited to find this family together and see what the internet can do.

Now you can join the search. If you find anything, post it on twitter (using the hashtag #lostletterproject) or on Facebook. Also, please video or photograph your search and we’ll try to include the footage in upcoming video updates. 

Check out her website and maybe lend a hand if you like mysteries!