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Is it time to start drinking yet?

It’ll be light tumbling from us until the new year, but first: a look at some of the best interviews from our final issue of the year, the aptly-named Interview Issue.

* Google’s Marissa Mayer sits down with Dan Lyons and asks, “Why Can’t Girls Be Geeks?”

* Bill Gates and Randi Weingarten talk how to fix our nation’s schools

* Aung San Suu Kyi reflects on Burma’s junta, sanctions, karma and the future

* Remember JetBlue’s renegade flight attendant? He says passengers are ruder than ever.

* We ask Elizabeth Warren: How can we create a more honest credit market?

… And more from Dan Savage and Jane Lynch, Shirley Sherrod, Saad Hariri, Cory Booker, the Old Spice guy, Snooki, Salam Fayyad, David Axelrod. See the full list here.

”Newsweek magazine takes the liberty of predicting and saying that 2010 will be Fidel Castro’s last year on Earth. Well, could it be that he’s going to the moon?” Chavez said with a chuckle.
Hugo Chavez, ladies and gentlemen. Responding to this.