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I Watch It So You Don’t Have To: Michael Moore-Good Filmmaker, Bad Movie Publicist


What you didn’t miss in this CNN interview:
1:44: Blitzer suggests Moore is a hypocrite—a perfect example of somebody who’s benefitted from his hard work and talent because of capitalism
1:50: If you don’t like Michael Moore he says he’ll come over and cook you dinner
2:30: Moore tells Wolf Blitzer how he thinks Blitzer could do his job better, then compares himself to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington
4:25: Blitzer: What do you suggest we do?
Moore: Long rambly non-answer … “why don’t we just (snap) invent a new economic system”
6:30: Blitzer: Are you a socialist?
Moore: “I’m a Christian…and a heterosexual too”

Errr, what? Kinda makes you miss this interview when Moore went off on Blitzer, CNN, and Sanjay Gupta

Reblogged because Nwk is not afraid to be service-y, or a day late to the party….