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10 Marriage Proposals Asked of Jeremy Lin Last Night

Jeremy Lin held a Facebook Q&A last night! Lots of ladies asked for his hand in marriage. Here are 10 of their proposals.

  1. Would you ever marry a black girl?
  2. Do you think you will be in good condition for the playoffs? And will you marry me?
  3. I hope you’re feeling well! & sorry to all the other ladies, but I think it’s only right that we get married, since we’re both from Cali and now live in NY…obviously?
  4. I saw our names next to each other! It’s fate — let’s get married!
  5. Hey, I waited since you tweeted about the Q&A. Will you marry me?
  6. Can we get married today or tomorrow?
  7. Jeremy can we get married? Please?
  8. Will you marry me, Jeremy? LOL it rhymes
  9. Jeremy Lin: I love Asian men. Marry me…now!
  10. Will you marry my sister?

[h/t WSJ for running the numbers on this.]