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No, sick passenger is code for “dead customer ON the train”. Often times it actually IS a sick passenger though - sick usually refers to some kind of bodily injury, rather than someone puking or passing out, and the delays are mainly from the MTA doing an investigation to cover their asses when that customer eventually files a lawsuit.

“Police investigation” is the code for a suicide by train. Service will be disrupted for about a half hour, usually. I’ve seen it mess up things for as long as 3 hours though.

A NY MTA train conductor doing an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on Reddit.

I will never feel the same again when I hear about a 4/5/6 train delay due to “a police investigation.” 

The whole AMA is a must read for NYC subway riders. 

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This whole thing is great.

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Dear God. But wait— so is “sick passenger” always a dead person or only sometimes a dead person? How do you know the difference?

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