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Counterproductive Counterterror ideas

From Newsweek’s Daniel Klaidman, “The president told Woodward that “we can absorb” another terrorist attack—implying that we won’t be able to prevent every attempted act of terror. The conservative blogosphere lit up. Liz Cheney accused Obama of an “alarming fatalism” and of abdicating his paramount responsibility: to do everything in his power to protect the American people. Obama’s approach to terrorism is not immune from criticism. But he deserves credit for treating voters as grownups. ”

Submit Your Warrior Stories to Newsweek

As Veterans Day approaches, Newsweek is exploring the way American combat veterans have remade their lives after serving their country. We’re looking for stories from veterans, their family members and friends about the trials and triumphs of fighting today’s wars, as well as what it takes to live life afterward. Poems, essays, videos, songs, photos, drawings—whatever you might be willing to share with us, we’d be interested in seeing.
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It used to be that you couldn’t attack a female candidate without helping her … [But] the power of gender as a deterrent to political attack (and off-the-cuff remarks) is being tested, so far to no advantage, in this election cycle as California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman tries to rally women voters after the word “whore” was applied to her by the camp of her rival, democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown.
Our own Eleanor Clift, on Hillary Clinton, Meg Whitman and the “whore” slur
Even if they are acquitted, it’s clear their lives are forever altered—their names and faces international symbols of teen callousness. None completed school last year; Mulveyhill has already lost a football scholarship to college. One family has received death threats, prank calls, and a rock thrown through a second-story window—along with a stream of nasty unsigned letters delivered to their door. Some call for their daughter to be “raped and killed”; others hurl insults and racial slurs. “I don’t know if I can even describe what my family has been through,” says the mother of Sharon Velasquez, who agreed to speak exclusively to NEWSWEEK. “The cameras in our faces, the harassment, the letters—I’d come home and people would be in the parking lot waiting for me.”
Jessica Bennett looks back at the students charged in connection with the suicide of 15-year-old South Hadley High School student Phoebe Prince. Schoolyard bullying can have tragic consequences, she writes. But should it be a crime?


Tour the high-tech cannabis factory of tomorrow:

The video above is an exclusive look at what could be the country’s first official cannabis factory, a 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Oakland that would house 30,000 plants and could produce $50 million of cannabis per year. Part of a proposal by Gropech, a non-profit that promises to create hundreds of union jobs and reinvest profits in the Bay Area if given a permit by the Oakland City Council, the facility would supply medical dispensaries across the state in an attempt to bring transparency to the growing process.

[Curator’s Note: Upon first viewing this, I half expected an introduction by Dr. Pierre Chang of the Dharma Initiative. Namaste!]

The new growth market!