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The bureau estimates about 20 Somali-Americans have left the Minneapolis area in the past couple of years to fight in Somalia. Why do they go? The new Justice case focuses in part on a handful recruiters who have enticed the young men by glorifying the scene at the Somalia training camp. One of the recruiters, Cabdulaahi Faarax (who, according to the affidavit, was last seen on Oct. 8 at the U.S.-Mexico border on his way to Tijuana) had told young co-conspirators (including the confidential informant) that they could experience “true brotherhood” by going to fight in Somalia. Not only would the recruits have “fun” and “get to shoot guns,” Faarax also told the informant how he also got to go to Kenya and marry two women.

The one thing Faarax apparently didn’t mention was that the young recruits might end up with their bodies smashed to bits—leaving behind only one finger so their remains could be identified to their loved ones by the FBI.

Isikoff, on Somali recruiting.