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What is very disturbing to me is that people like Mr. Akin who have postulated this secret mechanism for avoiding pregnancy have developed their own make-believe world of science based on entirely self-serving beliefs of convenience or just ignorance. I don’t think we want these people to be responsible for the lives of others.
Dr Paul Blumenthal discussing Rep. Todd Akin, cited by Maureen Dowd in Just Think No via (via underpaidgenius)

(via underpaidgenius)

The whole business of fertilization with a woman’s body is a delicate mechanism. A lot of things contribute to it.
Dr. John Willke, the president of a pro-life group the Life Issues Institute, and also a physician, who has been active in the movement for decades.

Rep. Akin, the congressman who made that rape comment, is explaining himself on the radio right now. Listen.