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"I love watching animal movies on television, and they always say, don’t run away, and don’t turn your back, and don’t lie down flat. I love it—it’s from my childhood. How do you prevent dying? How do you prevent being eaten, or mauled, by a monster? I still worry about it!” - Maurice Sendak.

In honor of the illustrator and writer’s 85th birthday, Newsweek and Blank on Blank are proud to present this animated short about the beloved, late author, which is based off of audio we had left over from a 2009 interview conducted by Newsweek’s Andrew Romano and Ramin Setoodeh.


Here’s 1 of 3 Kirsten Lepore animations that I sound designed for Newsweek/Daily Beast. It’s a promo for Kevin Bleyer’s book, Me The People. The rest are here.

Nice work! We posted about one of them earlier