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Idea Generator is Down Due to Server Error

"Our content strategy has to be built on throwing the ball to the open man." - Tim Armstrong, AOL CEO.

Some of us have experienced having to wrap our heads around phrases like “let’s circle back” and actually give a response like, “oh, great, I will ‘circle back’” with grave discomfort and foreboding. So, we think Tim Armstrong’s poetry as described here might be a nice break from the usual corporatespeak. A “winter luge” sounds nice and appropriate what with today’s icy New York streets. But generating ideas by logarithms seems so 2010. No?

Leaked: AOL’s Master Plan

How can I convey to you the disgust which your name awakens in me? The merger with Warner was a catastrophe. But the hitherto unimagined stupidity, the blind arrogance of your deal with Case simply beggars description. How can you face yourself knowing how much history, value and savings you have thrown away on your mad, ignorant attempt to merge with a wretched dial-up ISP? I don t know what advice you have to offer, but I have some for you. Buy some rope, go out the back, find a tree and hang yourself. If you had any honour you would.
In light of Jerry Levin’s AOL-Time Warner mea culpa, we are reminded of this great quote from Robert Hughes, in 2002, making his feelings known about the merger (via @poniewozik)