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Dozens of Planes Have Vanished in Post-WWII Era
Some 83 aircraft have been declared “missing” since 1948, according to data compiled by the Aviation Safety Network. The list includes planes capable of carrying more than 14 passengers and where no trace — bodies or debris — has ever been found.
The end of summer marks the end of “baby season” in the United States, the months when most American babies are born. While the season is a time of celebration for millions here at home, it is a time of great danger for women in the developing world, where maternal mortality rates are staggeringly high. The World Health Organization conservatively estimated that in 2010, 287,000 women died during pregnancy and childbirth around the world. What makes this figure more unfortunate is that most of these deaths are preventable.
New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg writes about a maternal health program his charitable organization, Bloomberg Philanthropies, is undertaking in Tanzania.