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Are you ready to watch some political reality TV? Your tumblrs are holding down the live-chat/BINGO/poll party right here. Hope some of you can come join us! In the meantime, enjoy our live gif curation. Only at nwktumblr.


Well, almost. We’re getting started here in the newsroom with our livestream, and corresponding live chat, and we here at nwktumblr really hope you’ll join us! Keep this page handy. It’ll be your one shop stop for the debate stream, the chat, a poll, BINGO CARDS, and all that. 

Watch Tonight’s GOP Debate On Your Tee Vee, Internet Chat On Your Computer Box

One-half of your nwk tumblr team is moderating a live chat during tonight’s GOP debate on CNBC. That means he’ll be approving comments and running polls while Howard Kurtz & Michelle Goldberg co-host a few hundred readers in a chat about 2012. Come, bring your armchair commentary! We want some of Tumblr Nation up in this business. The party starts at 8pm ET. You should be able to chat in the thingy above, but if not, visit the Beast. T-MINUS ONE HOUR.