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12 Tweets About This Week’s Cover Story: A List

The following tweets are presented in no particular order.

1. Jim Messina (campaign manager, Obama 2012): “An absolute must read”

2. Sarah Palin (former Governor of Alaska, VP candidate): “know what’s truly “dumb”? Giving a cover story to the TrigTruther conspiracy kook writer who thinks I didn’t give birth to my son.”

3. Anthony De Rosa (Reuters social media editor, aka soup): “Newsweek trolls the entire GOP with its latest cover”

4. James Taranto (WSJ writer): In fairness to @Newsweek, it spans the spectrum of opinion. An article inside this week’s issue asks: “Why Do Obama’s Critics Smell So Bad?”

5. Frank J. Fleming (Political humor columnist & author): I remember reading Newsweek as a kid, but now I’m a responsible adult and they’re the ones trolling on the internet.

6. Eric Boehlert (Sr. fellow, Media Matters): haha. RWers attacking @Newsweek cuz it loses money. hey Einsteins, Murdoch has LOST nearly $1B publishing @newyorkpost;

7. Blake Hounshell (Managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine): Andrew Sullivan is a better advocate for Obama than Obama is

8. richard bacon (BBC Radio Fivelive presenter): In case you missed the Andrew Sullivan essay I Tweeted yesterday. A rare (and bloody good) level headed piece on Obama:

9. Will Leitch (Contributing Editor for New York Magazine, Deadspin founder): Gonna get (justifiably) yelled at for being too political here, but Sullivan’s “cut Obama some slack” piece is great.

10. Karoli (Karoli! She blogs at Crooks & Liars): Andrew Sullivan really nails the truth of this administration.

11. David Burge (Blogger): If laughter is the best medicine, then Andrew Sullivan is the greatest humanitarian since Albert Schweitzer.

12. Dave Weigel (Slate political reporter and MSNBC contributor): “Future Newsweek cover idea: “Hey, Asshole! Buy this!”“

In case you’ve missed the story, it will live on forever right here: How Obama’s Long Game Will Outsmart His Critics.