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A play-by-play of Harvard grad Jeremy Lin and Stanford grad Landry Fields’ new handshake:

  1. Two quick high fives on opposite hands.
  2. Landry Fields presents his hands to Jeremy Lin as though they are a book.
  3. Lin “pages” through the book.
  4. Fields closes the book.
  5. Both Lin and Fields put their hands to their eyes as though they are glasses.
  6. Both players “remove” their glasses and put them into an invisible shirt pocket.

To be a fly on the wall during basketball players’ handshake plenary sessions.

Player 1: “OK, so then I’ll put my hands like a book and you flip through them!” 

Player 2: “Or what about an iPad?”

Player 1: “I dunno, I really like the look and feel of books. How you can just flip through them, y’know? Something about that…”

Player 2: “OK, fine. Do the book. But then I get to do the glasses thing.”