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Sixty-one percent of paid interns working at for-profit companies received a job offer; only 38 percent of unpaid interns working at for-profit companies did. And paid interns netted higher starting salaries.
That’s Jean Chatzky, writing in Newsweek, on why students shouldn’t take unpaid internships.

Hey! We Hired an Intern!

Hello Newsweek Tumblr readers!

My name is Sam Schlinkert and starting today I’ll be your Social Media Intern! A little bit about me: I’m a recent Duke grad, a picky eater, and a huge fan of the Internet and all the fun things on it.

Newsweek/The Daily Beast has acquired me from the influential Tumblr blog Blake Lively Doing Things, a photo blog of the blonde Gossip Girl starlet doing different things with very literal captions. I’m happy to say I’ll be bringing those talents to head-up a new segment for the NWK Tumblr called “Politicians Doing Things.” (ed: He’ll be right at home—today we ran a gallery of politicians eating pizza.)

You can follow me on Tumblr and Twitter too!