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The GOP is a top-down, wait-your-turn, establishmentarian organization. Three of the last four Republican presidents—Nixon, Reagan, and Bush I—ran for president and lost before they ran for president and won; all three of them spent the intervening years either building the party from either inside (Bush) or outside Washington (Reagan, Nixon). The fourth Republican president—George W. Bush—had the same name as one of his predecessors and, as his son, had already spent considerable time in the White House. Even losing nominees (McCain, Dole) tend to be battle-tested, having served for decades in Washington and run for president before. This explains why 2008 presidential candidates like Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney typically top the early lists of potential 2012 Republican presidential nominees. And it also explains why Huckabee and Romney are traveling around the country to fundraisers and handing out the money they’ve raised through their political action committees to Republican candidates in upcoming elections. They’re amassing political capital and gathering chits that could boost their own future bids. Like Huckabee and Romney, Sarah Palin is traveling around the country. But unlike her potential 2012 rivals, she’s not promoting other candidates; she’s promoting herself.
Romano, asking whether Sarah Palin is being too selfish.