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Is it time to start drinking yet?

It’ll be light tumbling from us until the new year, but first: a look at some of the best interviews from our final issue of the year, the aptly-named Interview Issue.

* Google’s Marissa Mayer sits down with Dan Lyons and asks, “Why Can’t Girls Be Geeks?”

* Bill Gates and Randi Weingarten talk how to fix our nation’s schools

* Aung San Suu Kyi reflects on Burma’s junta, sanctions, karma and the future

* Remember JetBlue’s renegade flight attendant? He says passengers are ruder than ever.

* We ask Elizabeth Warren: How can we create a more honest credit market?

… And more from Dan Savage and Jane Lynch, Shirley Sherrod, Saad Hariri, Cory Booker, the Old Spice guy, Snooki, Salam Fayyad, David Axelrod. See the full list here.