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That Cursor

Lots of, erm, interest in our cursor swap. Here’s our statement we just sent to a reporter inquiring about the decision. 

The coat hanger has clearly become a symbolic icon that triggers outrage and debate in our hearts and minds. We chose to switch the Tumblr cursor to a coat hanger after seeing the strong reactions our friends at the Huffington Post received. After all, 40 years after the Roe. v. Wade decision, a woman’s right to choose is still leading the national debate—and influencing the Republican Party’s national platform.



We’re retiring the mustache cursor for the day. Here’s our new one: a coat hanger.

I don’t understand all the hullabaloo with the internet exploding over this, but I think it’s a clever way to talk about a tough issue. Hats off to Newsweek, for consistently providing entertaining social commentary.

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