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A Quick Round-up of #OccupyWallStreet Coverage

We asked our new intern to round-up a slew of media reports about the Wall Street protests, as many on the ground there continue to raise concerns over a lack of media coverage. In case you’ve missed it entirely, protesters united under the hashtag #OccupyWallStreet have been occupying Zuccotti Park near Wall Street since Saturday, Sept. 17th. Some have said their mission is quirky, their organization not-so-tightly bound—but they’re sticking it out. While media coverage started slow and late, especially from the TV networks, the curious band of demonstrators now find themselves in the spotlight.

Here’s an overview of the media coverage, or lack-there-of, thus far.

  • The NYTimes’ Ginia Bellafante wonders if protesters are off the mark. Also: Is the NYPD, a police force trained for more dangerous threats, being tested by demonstrations?
  • An NYU student camps out Monday night (#longread).
  • Protesters regroup for pizza and tales of battle—and a new publicist finds his voice. Plus: A slideshow of their signs and faces.
  • NPR explains why they haven’t covered the protests.
  • The Awl mocks the relevance of perceptions.
  • Yahoo maybe was but then probably wasn’t censoring initial emails about the protests.
  • Alec Baldwin is in favor of more permits for protests.

What else?

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